How Can An Educational Consultant Help Your Family?


A professional educational consultant works one-on-one with each student, helping to identify colleges and universities that offer the best matches for the student's unique needs, and keeping the student on track through every phase of the college application process.

A consultant can help your family with:

  • High School curriculum planning.

    • A consultant can help students make smart choices about their high school courses so that they stay on track for college admissions.

  •  College admissions profile assessment.

    • Although no consultant can guarantee admission to any individual college, a consultant can help your child identify their strengths as an applicant.
  • College selection

    • A consultant can assist your child in finding the colleges and universities which best match their interests, personality, needs and admissions profile.
  • College entrance exams

    • A professional consultant can answer questions about which college entrance exams are most appropriate for your child and when to schedule testing. Some consultants also provide assistance with test preparation.
  • College applications and essays

    • A consultant works with each student to establish a realistic schedule for staying on top of application details and deadlines.  Consultants may also review application elements, including essays.
  • Majors and Careers

    • Students often benefit from guidance in choosing majors and careers that are a good fit, as well as information about which colleges offer strong programs in areas of interest.
  • Financial Aid

    • Many families worry about how to pay for college expenses. A consultant can help your family navigate these concerns, while pointing your family in the direction of financial aid and merit scholarship opportunities.
  • Help from a non-biased third party

    • so that you and your child can focus on enjoying this time together, rather than arguing about completing college applications
Syracuse University bound senior says: Your patience and kindness constantly astonished me.  Most of the time I was 99% sure that I would be rejected from every school.  However, you relieved my stress in more ways than you could ever know.  I will always be grateful."