I first became interested in college counseling while watching my two sons navigate through the process at their respective high schools.  Both boys are very different and unique in their interests and approach, so the journey to finding the right schools reflected that.  At first it felt overwhelming and daunting to all of us, but we quickly discovered that by being organized and having the right blueprint, it became a fun, exciting time for everyone.

...helping students design their academic future

...helping students design their academic future

In 2010 I began volunteering with 10,000 Degrees, a program for underserved students, where I mentored and guided several students through their college process. From there I joined College Dream Team, a college access program for low-income, first-generation students which is embedded at San Rafael High School. College Dream Team works with students to help them attain their long held dreams of going to college, I found myself so inspired by these experiences I enrolled in the two year UCLA Extension College Counseling Certificate program.  In 2012 I opened my small private practice.

Individualized and personal attention are the fundamentals of my practice.  I am committed to helping each student identify their individual college criteria in order to find a school that is a good fit; one where they will thrive and discover their fullest potential.  As we work together on all aspects of the college process, the close bond we develop allows me to encourage and push each student outside of their comfort zone, unlocking a range of options they may otherwise have not chosen.

Watching students find the joy and excitement in the college application process is what motivates me each and everyday. I look forward to meeting you all soon so together we can draft a clear blueprint for your child’s search. 

"Life is a journey, not a destination." Ralph Waldo Emerson